Wednesday, December 9, 2009


it's been so long since i've got here.
using tumblr now. but just felt like dropping by.

i'm so tired.
everything turns out to be so wrong.
i caused myself this.
blame it on me.
no one else.

now it's getting hectic.
so tired.
so sick.

& no one can explain the reasons behind these jail bars.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm movinggggggg, most probably, I don't know. Still going to leave this blog here though. Just, MAYBE. (:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



I'm back here to wish my darling BROTHER Mr.Asttin


Back in Action.

Hey peeps, what's up?
Haven't updated for more than 2 months, sorry about that.
But I bet no one even bothers to read this dead blog anymore.
Well, my com's down, so now I'm using my Darling's lappy.
It's going to be with me till...... who knows when.
Will update pictures on all the stuff happening with me and my colleagues at my workplace, which is getting kinda complicated now.
Shit happens, oh well.
Ohkay, late night partying this weekend!
Join me, anyone? (:
Sat & Sun night, even maybe Fri.
I must spend my time wisely.
It must be fully used.
Worked so hard for so long, not to say how many sleepless nights I've been having.
Oh, like Monday, 27th, we had this huge function.
Freaking rich guy booked the whole restaurant, with a total of 32 tables filled with 320 pax.
Like, OMG.
It was a dinner function, the Host's 80th birthday.
Per table, the meal costs $2,100, which is like $210 per person.
Plus, he bought draft beer from us, brought his own red and white wine, so our company provided free flow of soft drinks and my lady boss provided chivas and brandy.
There we so many drunk old people out there. Lol.
Worked whole day from 11am to 1am.
Like, WHOA.
Wore this red QiPao uniform top.
It was a must.
We even had rehersals for the opening march in.
Soooooooo cute can.
Ohkays, I'm at my workplace now.
So, gtg.
Catch you guys tonight! (:

Friday, May 15, 2009


My comp is back in good shape!
As usual, re-formatted. Zzzzz.
Luckily I backed up my stuff in my 8GB phoneeeeee baby. (:

Anyways, work has been tough.
Having all the muscle aches and shit.
But people there are really really nice. (:
I actually enjoy working, well, actually.
Maybe 1 or 2 factors turns me off, but still, anywhere I go, things always comes around.
I think.

Been camwhore-ing so much.
Oh, and lost 5kg!
Beat that! (:

Currently down with a flu and cough, and fever 2 nights ago.
I've seen the doctor, safe from SWINE FLU.
He says it's just the typically flu and cough, no big. (:
But still, work is too much for me, so got mc for tmrw.
Met up with Neoy today.
Went to Crystalbelle.
Then passed by Genie's and saw Genie.
Invited us in, treated us to a couple of drinks, sang a couple of songs, then had to leave.

*Looking forward to clubbing this weekenddddddd. (:

Just maybe. Not confirmed yet. Sighs.

Big loves, ya'll. (:

You know you love me.
xoxo, Ashley.
You one and only bitch. (:

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Ohkays, I sure do miss a lot of people right now.
Been missing all the meet up dates with Bran and El and gang.
Been missing all HAL peeps.
Been missing all orientation peeps.
Been missing all DCS & DPB kids.
Been missing all my loves.
Let's see.
Latest thing I ever did was sing and drink at KTV pub, and met this cute guy, Wilson.
Not hitting on him, he has a girlfriend.
He's just really nice, love his voice, and personality.
Straight forward, pusher.
Only known him for 1 night, and here you go.
Knew him through Frank (love his voice too), chef from work, who invited me over to the ktv pub for his sis' b'day.
Brought JM and WC over together since they've agreed to meet me.
Had so much fun singing.

Oh, work is not bad.
Except for this one @$#$#%@$^#@$.
Just her.
Fuck'd up shit.
I swear I'll just shout at her one freakin' day.
Almost did yesterday, when she pushed this partition over, and I wasn't paying attention, walked pass, she didn't even made a sound.
By the time she did, it already hit me.
Not only did she not apologize, she blamed me for not paying attention.
I walked pass also because she ask me to set the table over at the other side.
The rest are pretty fine.

Oh, and I heard we only trainees at 33 only to be transfered to OCC when it opens.
I told one of the supervisors that if that's the truth, then I'm quitting.
Look what happened with Jey.
I'm not going, don't even think about it.
I have to settle this thing with CK.
Communication break down with him know. Zz.

Hopefully something more interesting comes up here soon.
Like me shouting at that #@%$@$#%$^.