Friday, September 28, 2007


had absolutely no plans tdy.
which leads me to my NO LIFE life agn.
went to collect my last day pay.
kenny's a dear. (:
thn went ovr to tht bastard's place.
had to pass him the money evans owes him.
hq was thr.
he has some knee injury.
was damn bored thr.
had nothng to do.
hq left to meet sy.
brandon may be a bastard,
bud he's th closest one i've got.
looks like a dead end uh..
"whd you knw? huh? whd you knw?"
"ohhps! you don't have any homies."
"sry, i forgot you don't have any frnds."
"i forgot you got no grp."
"no life, no homies, no grp, no frnds, no boyfrnd."
these are all the thngs he said.
whd a bastard, ya?
bud it's true anyways.
he has a life,
he has homies,
he has grps,
he has frnds,
he has a girlfrnd,
and whd do i have?
totally nothng.
bud he's one lazy ass who doesn't wna go canoe-ing with us tmr,
cause he thinks its TOO EARLY.
9am for canoe is actually very normal.
jey said he's the one who got no life.
he can only slp in the morning,
hang out at night.
other ppl is morning to night,
all day fully packed with fun.
who am i to say?
i got no life.
nobody to turn to.
nobody wld wna ask me out.
he's a bastard,
bud he makes sense.
tht's why i hate him so much.
i knw you're reading this man,

chris is rly cute.
bud sick,
so take care!
write more poems for me to read!

i miss th OLD luke.
i miss th OLD ram.
whr'd they go?

my life's is rly getting evn more no life thn evr.
maybe my life was a mistake.
makes me wonder a lot.

shld i?

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