Saturday, September 29, 2007


damn damn fun.
very short,
felt like forevr.
bud damn damn fun.
supposed to meet 9am at tiong bahru.
evrytime i'm late,
i see evryone waiting for me.
th very rare times, whn i'm early,
nobody was thr.
i was thr,
and thn,
nobody was thr.
so i waited.
called jey,
didn't pick up.
and thn,
i played my gameboy while waiting.
930, called sharon.
on the way.
called wilfrid,
he asked me to contact jules.
so i contacted jules,
and he was waiting for the bus.
so i continued waiting.
950, sharon and elina reached.
they went to the toilet.
10, jules reached,
and he brought 2 frnds along.
wilfrid reached too.
thn, continued waiting for the rest,
and spam-ed jey.
she still didn't pick up.
so we decided to eat brkfst,
after i kept whining abt th 1hr i sat under the sun.
we ate mac.
and guess whd?
I SAW EUNICE! [my couz]
she was like, "eh!"
and whn i turned,
and found out it was her,
we went "OH MY GOD!" damn loud tgt.
and we kept laughing,
cause we said the same thng at the same time.
we're the NINGs!
oh, totally love her la!
she has her braces on,
which looks totally cute cum nerdy,
bud still, cute!
kept playing with her laaa.
my frnds must think i'm mad or somethng.
and i think her frnd will think she's mad too.
bud she totally made my day.
i jst love her. (:
went to th arcade after brkfst,
played a few games,
thn decided to set off without the rest.
it was like, 11 plus alrdy.
our destination was..
i forgot hw to spell.
m.... reservoir.
mac.. richie?
i don't kwn hw to spell.
bud tht's hw it's pronounce.
i'm poor with english la, ok.
so we took the mrt to harbourfront,
weisiong came too.
went up to take 855?
if i'm not wrong..
thn fenoline came too.
camwhore-d on the bus.
oh my.
supposed to be me and sharon taking only.
thn crazy ppl behind us started to pose,
and i caught them in action.hahahahas.
long long walk to the canoe-ing place.
rented 5 singles, 2 doubles.
me, jules, kelwin, justin, and wilfrid took the singles.
sharon and el,
siong and fe took doubles.
so off we go!
wilfrid started the splashing of water,
and created water war among us.
tht was funnnnn.
wilfrid is like the kind of water wars.
thn, kelwin capsized, accidentally.
tht one still nvrmnds knw,
cause it's an ACCIDENT.
bud thr's always evil ppl who wld wna make you capsize.
whom kept shaking my canoe,
and made me capsize.
this is pure evil man.
because of this,
it took me damn damn long to climb bck up to my canoe.
tht was rly funny.
i kept laughing at myself,
cause i kept slipping dwn and all.
and i laughed, and laughed,
until i no energy to push myself up.
bud they kept giving me moral support.
"c'mon ningxin!"
"show your power!"
"push yourself up!"
"hurry! you can do it!"
ya, after they capsize me thn they say these thngs.
thn they tried to capsize sharon's and el's canoe.
which they took a long long time to chase them,
and a long long time to capsize their canoe.
both of them kept holding on to me and my canoe.
it was scary man.
nothng to do with me,
bud i had to be dragged.
they finally accomplished their mission,
and thn had to save them up agn.
and thn, thr was this anouncement.
"pls stop capsizing your canoe's and return to shore."
we still dragged a long long time till we got bck to shore.
we saw monkeys!
and wilfrid, kelwin & jules are so evillll.
trying to splash them with water.
tsk tsk.
thn we canoe-d bck.
fe and weisiong got capsized only at the end,
whn they're trying to get up on shore.
siong got up alrdy,
bud fe was such a poor thng.
wilfrid and the guys kept making her drop into the waters agn and agn.
thn the trainer came,
and said we weren't supposed to capsize,
or evn go into the water.
and we were like,
sry sry.
nw, the part which was NOT FUN.
-bug glasses dropped into the waters.
-locker key dropped into the waters.
-fe's specs dropped into the waters.
th locker key thng ruinedddd my mood so badly.
evryone kept trying to cheer me up.
had to pay 20bucks for the god damn thng la.
felt rly bad,
cause the guys paid for the 20bucks.
thnkkkkkkkkkkkks, a lot.
bud i wasn't upset abt the money thng la.
it's jst tht i'm so damn careless la.
thn went to eat prata.
kelwin keeps calling me a turtle la.
cause i brought a bckpck,
and it made me look like a turtle.
after tht,
me, ron and el went ovr to jules place.
cause we're supposed to play bball tgt with justin and kelwin.
they went home to change and take their bikes,
so we went to jules hse to chill.
we took a bus,
and on the way,
thr's this H.O.T aussie la.
thn i gave out lollipops,
which is thr first time i see GUYS so engrossed in it too.
we were like,
a bunch of kids on the bus.
damn damn cute scenario la.
i practically slpt at jules place.after tht,
they came with the bikes,
we rode it a lil,
thn left alrdy.
cause sharon's parents called,
and ah el wanted to go home too.
so i went with them too.
the rest.. i don't wna talk abt it.
go frndstr and see la. (:

thnks for making tdy a very VERY fun day.
this is one day i'll nvr forget. (:
after canoe-ing and showers,
we took one picture.
we had to;
it was soooo much fun. (:

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