Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i love mahjong.
and i love babes.
she blessed me,
therefore, i keep winning.
i still remember th times me and babes always spent tgt.
it's like,
endless fun and laughter.
endless tears and sorrows.
we chat abt evrythng.
flipping through all th neoprints we took,
it reminds me tht hw long i've not touch'd th machines.
i haven't taken any with shatec frnds.
and i knw the reason why.

i'm trying to make plans for tmr,
bud can't think of any..

evryone thinks i'm seriously mad & insane.
tht's why they don't wna hang arnd with me.
they think tht i can't be trusted.
i'll prove them wrong.
i can be feminine.
i can be trusted.
i can be normal.
i can slim dwn.
bud nobody believes me.
who am i joking?
i'm jst the way i am,
aren't i?

i want to play with the penknife.

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