Sunday, October 14, 2007


jst came home..
went to bran's place for bbq.
wen thr arnd 4, helped with some stuff.
made DIY garlic bread, which turns out SOOOO nice aftr bbq-ing.
cooked baked beans with bacon and onions, which was like, DAMNNNN nice too!
as usual, i was th chef.
i stood at th grill practically th whole time.
our class only jules, ron, eh, and teresa came.
jules brought jeremy with him.
thn bran had his frnds ovr too.
thn his brother came bck, also with his frnds.
thn his aunts and uncles were all thr too.
starting, yes,
evryone was introduced to each other.
aftr awhile, you can see 4 grps of ppl;
our class grp, including jeremy,
bran's frnds grp,
bran's bro's frnds grp,
and th adults grp.
th food was reallll nice.
brandon rly ruins evrythng laaa.
i had to go get taiwan sausages because none of them knw which one to buy,
only i knew,
so brandon had to look after th food on th grill.
whn i came bck,
th food burnt.
i kept standing thr, grilling, bbq-ing.
it was fun, kinda.
evryone kept calling chef chef chef.
sense of satisfactionnnnn! (:
and bran's parents and grandma said they will call me if they hold any party nxt time.
i was rly quiet tdy.
except whn we're playing frogs and all.
and tht juleeeees, th "MOUNTAINS" thng, it's not ovr ok!
and tht kelwin, i still remember th dice thng!
and jules told ron they all abt th dice thng!
i'm soooo gna get evn with him.
after tht,
we left bran's hse arnd 1115.
cause ron had to go bck,
and all of us jst, went along.
we walked until th playgrnd thr,
and thn i had to cross th ovrhd bridge.
whn i'm alrdy reaching th stair ovr at the other side,
i found out tht i left my bag at bran's hse.
tell me abt it.
i thought i didn't bring any bag,
cause i had my wallet and phone with me.
i only found out whn i can't find my keys.
thn i realised tht i brought a bag.
so i went bck,
and bran asked me to stay and play blackjack with them,
since i alrdy walk so far bck.
i lost like, a lot of money.
bud forget it ok.
jst not my day.
i'm rly moody tdy la.
and actually i didn't wna stay.
cause jules they all weren't thr,
and i don't knw th rest so well.
so, ya..
bud still stayed.
and thn after tht,
went to play pool with them.
dragged time with my mum.
she's aslp anyways.
after tht,
drove arnd, had nowhr to go,
thn came home.
it's once in a bluemoon tht i get to stay late,
and thn they all had nothng to do,
and bran was tired.
so it's like, such a waste.
and i didn't knw hw to play pool,
so i went thr,
played some shit pool,
and wasted my money.
bud still,
ya, it was kinda fun to hang arnd with them.
they talk a lot of cock and do funny stuff.
bud, i felt like rly extra and all.
and it's not them,
it's me.
i jst can't seem to do anythng right.
forget it.
i'm gng to bed.

i miss th good old days. ):

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