Monday, October 8, 2007


went to god mom hse!
ok, we didn't rly do much thr,
bud i enjoyed it!
like, A LOTTTT!
we ate at her place.
her and her maid cooked jap food for us!
it was rly nice.
thn evryone started talking and chatting,
while me, brandon, jey and xaen's dad played mahjong.
it was soooo fun!
thn after tht jey had to go,
and mom took ovr.
thn we played one more round!
the game was rly RLLLLLLLY slow.
cause we kept joking arnd,
and laugh and laugh.
and xaen and jerri were thr to help their mom & dad.
so cute!
xaen is th second person who said i look like a turtle.
cause i was playing with toto, their turtle.
and thn xaen kept staring and me, and said "jiejie look like turtle!"
and i was like, "whr gotttt? i no shell leh.."
thn jerri say "have have, you have!"
and i said "whr??"
so zaen replied "behind you, thr!!"
and they kept laughing at me doing the "hiding my head like a turtle" action.
ohhhh, and i took pictures of them!
i won't post it,
cause jules gna steal xaen's pic!
and i won't let him!
it's EXCLUSIVELY for me only.
i have morning shift tmr,
which is rly rly damn unfair,
bud it has advantages.
so, CIAO!

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