Saturday, October 13, 2007


let's see..
went to banquet ytd.
th only thng i did was arrange th settings for an event.
was with danny and wilfrid.
supposed to be yanliang,
bud he doesn't wna come all the way to sch cause very far..
so he changed with me..
watched aquamarine on cable tv at night.
thn had night shift tdy..
i was the captain..
oh my god.
got sooooo many ppl.
i got 3 reservation tables at my station.
1 table for 6, one table for 9, one table for 4.
thn thomas, frm dtm, came to dine in.
and terence put them at my station also..
and i was like, "SMALL SIZEEEE!!"
and he said, "i knw you can do it laaa!"
nw he spread the big size out.
sam and bobb also keep playing..
oh ya, bobb got a new name!
cause mr ricky says tht he looks like one of his sch classmates.
size the same, i think also called bob, thn talk th same way also,
thn they used to call him batman,
so nw bobb is BATMAN!!
got 69 pax tonight.
and thn mr ricky made a bet with terence and bobb, the headwaiters.
he said if by 930, got 2 more pax come in,
he give them one day off each.
if nvr come in,
thn each of them have to treat him one jug of beer.
and they LOSTTT.
and thn during de-briefing,
terence said, "tdy we have 69 pax.
2 more pax to 70 pax la.
jst 2 more..
and we had 69 only."
thn we laughed.
after we were let off,
a grp of us went to eat and drink at boat quay.
me, ricky, bernice, jingning, peirong, bobb, terence, tionglin, and thomas.
me, ricky, bobb, terence, and tiong drank 5 bottle of beers.
thn we ate too.
after tht shared cab home.
oh my,
damnnnnn tired.
got to go slpppppppppp.

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