Monday, October 8, 2007


finally got a taste of the "VERY LONG QUEUE" donut.
peixuan and kexin brought me thr,
cause peixuan, AKA lulu, said she felt like buying.
the queue was so called as "SHORT".
they say other times it'll be a lot longer.
so we queued,
and guess whd?
i saw weeseng's sis, xiaowen!
yeap yeap.
we chatted,
and she said she was buying some donuts,
and thn gng bck to meet seng and qh the rest.
so i said i'll go join them ltr.
after buying donuts,
xiaowen left first.
we walked arnd for awhile,
and thn we all went our seperate ways.
i went to hg plaza suki sushi to find seng and th rest.
they are rly rly fun ppl.
like, seriously.
th gang nvr evr separates.
hoe, tan, quan, seng, qh, yl, wilbur, ck.
thn thr was me and xiaowen.
i saw xuanming thr,
and darren.
tsk tsk.
2 bad bad boyyyys.
bud still love them loaddddds.
you better be good, i tell ya.
after tht,
they played pool.
damn nice games we had.
after tht,
saw shimin & elvera at the bus stop.
so went ovr to talk to them.
elvera's bus came,
so i walked shimin to her hse.
we like, chatted all th way none stop.
she asked me abt o lvls and stuff,
thn frnds relations and stuff.
went up to her hse for a lil while.
played with brownie & ika.
i don't knw hw to spell "ika".
i hope it's not wrong.
they're her doggggs.
very very noisy.
bud very very frndly.
after tht,
left to meet yee & lindy.
vincent was thr too.
chatted awhile,
both of them had to rush off to do other thngs,
so me and lindy walked and chatted.
thn i came home,
i fell flat on my bed and fell aslp.
my mum had to call me to shower like,
ten thousand times,
and evrytime i'll say "okok......"
and fall aslp whn she leaves the room.
she evn slapped my thigh!
and i stilllll slpt.
i'm such a pigggggg.
jst finished showering,
and dad's bck frm ovrseas.

abt work.
i jst realised hw relaxed my life is right nw.
you knw,
whn you go to sch for studies,
evrytime you come home and wna enjoy,
parents will ask "don't need to study ar?"
whn i come home,
i can do whdevr i wan.
like, i have excuse for evrythng.
and i can evn stay out for very very long,
and i'll say "after work very boring, so find frnds go out."
and actually, work isn't tht bad afterall.
morning shift: do mise-en-place.
afternn shift: service.
night shift: service and closing.
tht's all.
after 1 week,
all these sounds pretty good to me.
i'm definitely not a studies person.
HANDS ONNNNNNNN is for me. (:
yup yup.

oh, and one more thng i like to clarify here.
so whd if i think he's cute?
i think glenn, and fir, and charwin, and roy, and boonseng, and shaun, and.. and..
i think they're alllll cute.
i think bobb, and jules, and bran, and teresa, and thomas, and guoyu, and.. and..
and they're ALL CUTEEEE.
so tht means i have a crush on them allll??
i jst love them,
like, so so much,
cause they're so so much fun,
and they're rly rly nice.
alright, maybe not all of them,
bud, ya.

i'm like, seriously tired nw.
so i guess i shall stop here. (:

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