Saturday, October 27, 2007

fck it.

i fell down this morning.
in th middle of th road.
tripped on th seperater in th middle of th road.
it was red light up front,
so thr were no incoming cars.
this spoilt my mood.
all day.
it was lousy enough alrdy.
and evryday,
it jst gets worst, and worst.
and whd do i get whn i reach home?
i told you tht i fell in th middle of th road.
and you told me tht i deserved it.
who asked me to be so careless.
i don't evn get a "are you ok".
i said tht thr was red light up front,
and you said "still dare to say".
you show no care or concern.
your tone was as if you wish tht cars were coming.
so whd nw?
i'm not worth your care nor concern?
unlike brother,
who wasn't supposed to come bck this weekend,
came bck all of a sudden this morning,
cause he was sent bck due to his high fever.
so he's more important?
you can't share th care for me?
not evn a lil?
i bet you don't fcking care.
evn if i landed up in th hospital,
or died.
you wldn't give a damn.

i wish thr were incoming cars to bang me whn i fell.
thn maybe i can see a lil' care and concern frm you.
or maybe,
i'm jst some bitch you pick'd up on th road.
so i shld die at whr i came frm.

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