Wednesday, October 17, 2007


cause NARES tht freaking @#$%^&?!!
this is whd happened.
he's my captain, me and daniel were his waiters.
starting, he himself said if he was too busy to take orders,
and guests wants to take order,
thn i'll take in and help him.
so i said ok.
thn, table 3,
th tables of lawyers frm court,
came to dine in for 10.
and we were rly rly packed alrdy.
nares went to take orders frm them,and he asked me to set cutleries.
so i had to walk th aboyer station thr to see th paper,
and get th cutleries rdy.
and thn,
guests called me,
and took some orders,
so i had to go write captains order and prepare.
and thn,
th food came out,
and i can't find daniel,
can't find nares,
cause we're all busy,
so i had to take th food out.
and after tht,
mr ricky asked who set cutleries for table 3.
and i said haven't set.
so he said "th main course is alrdy out,
nw you say haven't set?"
and nares said "c'mon la, we need to communicate well man."
and mr ricky said "who was supposed to set th cutleries?"
and he said "i ask ningxin to set it,
bud until nw she haven't set.
why didn't you do it in th first place?
i told you to do it, and you didn't."
so i tried to explain,
and i said "bud jst nw th guest..."
and he cut me with this "SHHHHHHHHHH..."
and i was damn pissed off.
so i gave him a piece of my mind.
"you don't shhhs me ok.
you yourself said we shld communicate better,
and thn nw you wna shhs me.
thn we communicate whd shit?"
and i jst walked off.
evn ning and daniel they all tell me,
"he keep telling you to do things ar?
tell him tht you are busy la,
let him do himself."
captains must also help waiters whn th place is busy.
not waiters do evrythng and captains jst complain.
and tht's exactly whd he was doing.
telling me to do stuff and all.
and thn,
whn evryone left,
and mr ricky, mr lua, and mr samsung, or hwevr to spell his name,
sat at deli table 2.
and deli station is ning and yanliang theirs.
guess whd?
i see nares serving them and all,
having a grt grt time,
laughing and smiling.
and whd were we doing?
changing table cloths and setting up th restaurant for EC dinner.
evn ning was helping us.
he jst knw hw to pohhhhhhhhhhhhh ppl.
i knw he doesn't like me.
if you have a problem with me,
jst say.
you don't do all these shit ok.
freaking bastard.
i'm so pissed!
god damn fcking shit.
you think you're always right.
you think evrytime somethng happen,
is always other ppl,
not you.
you're always right.
and other ppl's always wrong.
"all th 3 points she said all i give one."
who th fck cares man?
stop trying to be a showoff.

bad for health.

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