Thursday, October 11, 2007

(: or ): ?

went to jules place after work tdy.
we talked cock,
talked to teresa on the phone cause she was at banquet in sch,
and was rly rly boring.
thn randy also went,
bud he was playing her psp,
so she had nothng to do.
we chatted on the phone,
talked abt power rangers.
we made our own power ranger logo,
which is like, rly rly funny siaaaaa.
jules was watching powerrangers episodes frm youtube.
he's like, crazy ovr them these few days.
thn we video called teresa,
played and chatted,
after tht she had th psp to play cause randy was eating,
thn we hung up.
after tht,
rly had nothng to do,
and jules had to get rdy to go out and meet justin,
so i fell aslp.
for like half an hr, thn he woke me.
he said i slpt like a pig.
thn i came bck to hg mall and met up with weiping,
cause she wanted to pass me jiamin's stuff.
thn we ate kfc,
which btw, thnks for the treat weiping!
and chatted, like,
for a long long long time.
thn saw janice,
she joined us for awhile,
thn left, cause she was having a dinner brk frm work,
and has to get bck.
after tht,
met up with mum,
ate dinner in th foodcourt.
bought fruits, and i bought swts and chewing gums,
and th optrex eye wash,
and blah blah.
thn whn i reached home,
jules called me and asked if i wanted to sing k.
it was like, 8 alrdy,
bud still went.
we met up at 9.
he said thr was only him, justin and kelwin,
thn they want 4 ppl,
so missing one person,
he call me.
after tht, sharon came ovr too!
she didn't sing, though.
alright, she did.
A LIL', at the last last part.
we played dice,
and 5, 10,
and th frog game, which is very very confusing, HAHAHA,
and we kept shaking the dice,
which flew evrywhr.
tht @#$%&?!?!?
i'll take revenge, you skinny ass jiu hu.
he keep "my turtle my turtle" me,
i kept holding on to the mic,
and i had lots of fun with them.
we sang like, full of shit la.
justin, th best bckgrnd singer.
kelwin, th drama king,
jules, th shy shy guy,
sharon, th audience who kept laughing and laughing throughout,
ningxin, th song/mic snatcher.

i had lots of fun,
let's do it some more!!!

[i'm rly rly sry.
seriously apologetic.
pls don't be angry. ): ]

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