Thursday, October 25, 2007

pls, jst kill me.

i haven't had th mood all week.
and on tues,
i tried to put everythng away,
and have fun with grndma and you.
and you had to start with me after tht.
and i had to bring an evn lousier mood to sch.
do you knw whd i was thinking abt after we fought?
i was crying, and telling myself,
why must you start with me whn i alrdy tried so hard to put evrythng away?
i'm having enough troubles.
and you had to add on.
you jst had to, don't you.
one day without quarrelling with me will kill you?
i nvr had a peaceful day.

and nw,
i jst enjoyed myself at banquet with andrea, anthony and fi.
i jst reached home,
and swtiched on th tv.
you jst came home frm work,
and once you open th door,
and see me in th living room,
you have to find thngs to scold me agn.
if i knw, i wldn't have come home so early.
i wld rather stray out till late night.

who are you?
you call yourselves parents?
evryday, EVRYDAY,
i try to face you with a smile,
with a happy mood,
hoping tht you won't start with me agn.
bud you had to.
you jst told me, "don't give me tht face" right after you have shouted at me.
so whd you wan me to do?
smile to you?
as if it's any better.

this is not a home.
not at all.
i don't belong here.

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