Saturday, November 17, 2007

blame on me.

i had th best 3 off days evr.
because of these 3 off days,
i get to live bck my old memories,
and create new ones.
i went to choir rehersals for all 3 days.
1st day, HIHS,
2nd day PHS,
3rd day SGS.
we had th best times.
thnks so much, my darlings.
wendaye, my babes.
dezmond, my baby.
esmond, my dear.
benezer, my swty.
mingteck, my swthrt.
amily, my sugar.
we've been spending evry night tgt.
it had been grt.
i rly wished time wld jst stop ytd night,
whr we wld be tgt,
laughing in serangoon macs,
having th best of times.
i cried,
a lot.
esp ytd.
i saw ram,
and he's still th same.
as black as he always had been. x=
i'm always here for you.
i hate it whn you're like tht.
i feel so sad to see you suffer in such pain.
i jst wan you to knw tht you're not alone.
you have me, and benezer, and all of us.
you can live a better life if you wan to.
it's up to your will power.
and i knw you can do it.
so buck up babes!
i love you, a lot. (:
so do th rest of us.
i cried, also because i knw if ytd ends,
thr wldn't be a nxt time until another whd? few months?
a yr?
swty and baby organised an outing for us nxt saturday,
and i rly rly thnk them for tht.
nw i look forward to th concert nxt thurs,
and our outing nxt sat.
i love you guys!
i've been hugging them,
and hugging them,
i jst rly rly love them.
and i wish tht we'll keep in contact,
evry evry day.

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