Friday, November 23, 2007


thnks babes, dear, baby, sugar, swty, swthrt, honey.
[wendaye, esmond, dezmond, amily, benezer, mingteck, kevin.]
i appreciate all tht they've done for me.
they're god's gift.
they always get me all high and happy.
i always get all emotional with them.
they give me happyness.
i'm so glad tht i have them with me.
they say before to me,
tht i don't have to bother abt other ppl,
cause i have them.
they'll always be here for me.
i don't have to bother and get irritated by all th suckers in attachment.
because i only have to think of them,
and th sun will rise agn.
thnks, loves.
all of you mean a lot to me.

ningxin: mommy AKA ashley. has serious mood swings, total camwhore.
wendaye: my babes, AKA pig. always trying to be lame, tagged to be UNHEALTHY.
esmond: my dear. looks decent, bud is seriously lame and rly cute.
dezmond: my baby. getting more and more RA recently, due to someone's INFLUENCE. bud still, he's my boy.
amily: my sugar, AKA shit sculptor. has flat chest, uses mingteck's hse's toilet roll to stuff, bud still flat. my CUTEST girl.
benezer: my swty. emo at times, bud rl sweet. love it whn he smiles, looks kinda blur.
mingteck: my swthrt, AKA th vegeterian. troublesome, cause always have to find somewhr tht sells vegeterian food to eat. FUNNIEST boy, i hate his colour lens.
kevin: my honey. totally LOVES PINK, jst like his mommy, me. has a cute laughter, can't stop laughing.
daryl: haven't give him a name yet. bud he's one of my favourite. always has a smile on his face, like nothng cld go wrong.

yes, and timtim, sean, and lionel,
sry abt supper.
was seriously in no mood.
bud it'll be better,
i promise thr'll be a nxt time, ya?

sentosa, here i come! (((((:

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