Saturday, December 22, 2007


oks, this week is definitely like fckkkkkkk. let's see.. can't find anyone to go to evans' birthday trip to bird park. asked hamtoro to go, he $%#$^$ and insisted on not gng. asked james too. whn he finally agreed to go, evans cancelled th trip. -.- cause she thinks bringing 2 grp of ppl whom don't knw each other will be very awkward. [well, you shld have thought abt it earlierrrr!!!] so it was kinda a rly rly bad thng. it rained, on thurs, th trip day, so no point gng either. in th end, she went out with her frnds, and actually said she wanted to meet me and jiamin at night, in th end, she bckd out agn, cause she went to watch movie marathon with her other grp of frnds. WOW. pls, nxt time don't include me in any of your plans, cause i HATE this kind of bck out thng, and i'm serious. i nvr bck out. like, NEVER. went to rosette for mid shift tdy, and fckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. i was supposed to be bar, thn faza didn't wna do aboyeur, so peirong asked if i mind doing aboyeur, so i said it wldn't be a problem. and thn, stupid ezwan and his 2 frnds, tgt with justin, guanyi and joel, started saying me and hamtaro. zzzzzzzzzz. tht was like, some hell of aboyeur post. JUSTIN YOU BETTER LOOK OUT OKKKKKK. kaya on toast is like, DAMN NICE LAAA! hahahahas! oks, thn nvrmnds. leonard still wants to start with me and justin. tht was like, long ago rumour la. and nw he wna start agn. and thn still have th "alvin" thng. idiotic ezwan started saying tht i look like alvin, and said tht i was his long lost sister, whd loving siblings and all those shit. FUCK! aboyeur days are damn hard to be now man. some frnds are so damn difficult to make la. zz. ended my shift, stayed in th bck office agn, as usual. helped lolly, charwin, jey and fe buy bubble tea frm heeren. thn slacked at bck office agn. luka called, asked whr was cine, so i told him, and he asked me whr i was, so i said somerset, whr i work. so he said he'll come and find me since he still got time. in th end, he msgd me tht he reached cine alrdy. -.- SEE WHD I MEAN. i seriously hate this kind of bck out shit. it's getting into my head, and my fcking attitude & temper is coming bck. zz. nothng happy happened tdy, tht's abt it.

BOON! nice chat ytd huh? hahahs. call me anytime, ya? and i'll collect th discs frm you soon!! (:

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