Friday, December 7, 2007


whd's with all th emo posts, man! i sure am a spoiler alright! anywayyyyyyys, i lost my wallet ytd. with my god damn IC inside! got lots of lecture frm mum & dad. need to pay 100buckkkkkks for th replacement IC. zz. other thn tht, i'm starting to get pretty well with peirong and th rest! tht's sooooo goood! hahahas. ok, it's weird tht i'm still happily blogging away whn someone stole my wallet and phone. within a week. tht's like, damn fck'd up luhhhhhhhs. -.-

went to be th model for freesia's mum & aunt make up class. oh my god. my face was as white as ghost laaaaaaa. cause she didn't have any darker base, so she practically didn't have a choice. plussss, she had a hard time with my lids. cause my left's triple, and my right's double. so she had to stick th thng, and it was damn irritating luhs. plusssss, they trimmed my eye brows, which i actually didn't wna trim, bud her lecturer encouraged me too, so i said anythng, and she trimmed. i didn't rly regret, bud i jst feel so un-natural. hahahs. free's mum said my face was rly challenging, so she wanted me to go and be her model agn nxt tues, and i agreed. (: freesia's make up was rly rly.. erhh... funny! ahahas. her eyes looked swollen, cause her aunt used red/orange eye shadows. thn evryone kept saying tht a pretty girl was supposed to look more mature, ended up looking like one old obasan. LOL. had supper with them, gossiped with free, A LOT. like, all th way frm th make up sessions, to supper, to home. hahas. LOVEEEE FREESIAAAA! a lot. (: although we haven't talked to each other fr such a long time until we last met, we're still as close as we always were. (: thnks a lot, my dearrrr! (:

i hope BABES will go out with me tmr,
give me good news, babes! [:

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