Tuesday, December 4, 2007

bye bye. ):

i'm changing my blog.
i'm sry for th endless times of different blogs i have,
bud i can't stand it whn ppl take words out of my mouth,
turn it arnd, and put it somewhr else.
i don't have a need to let him/her read my blog anymore.
it's for me to blog my life,
not for you to judge my life.
you like it,
you read and tag.
you don't like it,
jst fck off.
nobody's gna care abt whd you tag anyways.
i'm changing it,
and i hope it will last.
if you want my new blog add,
you can ask frm me,
by sms,
or msn,
or frndstr.

i'm changing a blog,
cause my life's changing.
it's not gng to be th same anymore.

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