Wednesday, December 19, 2007



fcking lost 30bucks ytd at mahjong session with bran, hq & cw. oh my god la. thr goes my allowance. i'm left with 5 bucks to survive th rest of th week. and i'm gng to bird park with dears on thurs! gta go get money frm sweet love DADDY! whuahahahs. i still can't find a date to bring. ): tht's why i asked one of th kitchen ppl at rosette; HAMTARO! i dno hw to spell his real name la, bud it sounds like tht. (: thn he said bird park's boring, and he's lazy to go until jurong, and tht he dno any of them. so i kept persuading him to go, and he said he'll give me an answr tmr. i hope it's not gng to be disappointing, although i alrdy knw it will be. ahaas. ok, this morning suck'd like fcking hell. i lost th whole bunch of keys at rosette. -.- i didn't lose it, i left it at aboyeur stand, and it jst fcking got stolen. damn cb sia. so sir said evryone must help look for it, or else morning shift will not go home. i wna thnk evryone in my shift who helped look for th keys. i'm sry tht because of me you guys have to be held bck for 2hrs+.felt damn bad. rly sry. we searched th whole restaurant like fcking ten thousand times, and we got nothng. in th end, sir said evryone can go except me. so i stayed and cont'd looking for th keys evrywhr. thn sir came to talk to me, and asked me to be careful and all, cause he knws tht someone's out to get me for sure, cause this is th third time somethng got stolen frm me, evn though it's not mine. he/she jst wna get me into trouble, bud fck it la. thn sir let me off, and asked bobb and danny to serach for it. in th beginning, they didn't get any luck. afterwards, i recieved a call frm tiff, she said tht th keys are being found, so i don't have to worry anymore. bobb found it! he said he was abt to take a brk, whn he sat dwn in th bck office he found th keys being placed nicely on th floor. and i was like, whd th fck? we searched th room bofore a lot of times, and we've got nothng. someone must have place it thr after we all left. they claimed tht th keys were placed NICELY on th floor, not like, dropped or anythng. fckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. stop fcking playing with me ok. zz.

anyways, met up with wendaye at 330. went to outram to take her stuff, we chit chatted abt taiwan idol series. hahahas. thn went ovr to charcoal, drank my fav ITALIAN SODA! went into aboyeur, chit chatted with jules and dina. talked to george & boon too. greeted sam, raja, norbel, weejun, guoyu. was expecting to see my love feeza, bud ira told me she was morning shift, so i chatted with ira instead. (: ohh, and shideeee! hahahas. and th kitchen staff thr. i remember them! they remembered me too. oh, i was supposed to go to weiquan's chalet, bud i was late, and lazy to go frm charcoal, so i stayed at charcoal until they finish work. so i was in th aboyuer station chit chatting all th way with jules hot, dina laopo, shidee, and kitchen staff. quite fun ar. (: oh, shawn came to dine in with his girl. ahahhas. so i got to see him too. (: after they ended work, we dragged until a long time before me & dina went to have supper with boon. ate roti prata at jln kayu.

THNKS SO MUCH, BOON! for listening to me, and being thr for me. (:
THNKS SO MUCH, DINA! for all th fun you brought to me. (:
THNKS SO MUCH, JULES! for evrythng. (:
THNKS GEORGE! for th short conv we had, and you still owe me one date. (:

& i love my babes! [:

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