Sunday, December 16, 2007


stayed bck in sch after morning shift work tdy, agn. i've been doing this for th past few days. jst don't wna come home. getting more and more fckd up with my family. zz. after tht helped them buy curry & sardine puff to sch. hahahas. oh, and lil' bunny came to work tdy! i dno why. he won't tell me. ): he asked me to accompany him to watch this drama play tonight, so i said ok. so i left sch, and went home first. i slpt. -.- thn woke up at 6.20. was supposed to meet him at somerset mrt at 7. so i rushed to shower, and thn went off. reached thr arnd 7.10, thn we walked to th place. get to meet some of his frnds thr, they're all very nice. (: whn we reached tht place, i found out tht it looked so familar. in th end, it was actually th place guihao brought me and evans to before. it's a christian church, as knwn as HOPE church. it's an auditorium, and thn they sing, play games, get high, drama play, lecture on god, thn sing, pray. i had a grt day thr, with lil' bunny and his frnds thr. i msgd guihao, and she said she was thr too. so i told her i was actually trying to look for her bud jst can't find her. thr's another one of these nxt sat, so lil' bunny and his frnds all asked me to go, guihao also asked me to go. it's gna be at suntec. bud i've got afternn shift eh. and it starts at 7, if i'm not wrong. i wna go, so i can see lil' bunny, his frnds, and guihaooooo!! i miss herrrrr!!! ((x th play was nice, i lovedddd th songs. bud at th ending part, thngs got very emotional for me, thn i teared. hahahas. i was touched. it was nice to see them all. it rly was. (: bud still, i wna remain as a free-thinker. they asked me if i wna rly believe and trust in god, which means joining them, bud i said i'm kinda neutral, it's not tht i don't want, bud i don't rly crave for it, so, ya. (:

i'm sick,
& tired. ):

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