Sunday, December 9, 2007

i'm backkkkk! (:

HELLOS! met up with luka tdy. thn met up with GIRLFRNDwendy and melvin [her ex]. went to hg mall foodcourt to eat some food. oh, i saw dezmond and esmond too. it's like, we [luka & me] took th lift to th fourth floor, and thn th door opened, and they walked pass. i got like, so shocked! thn i wanted to walk away quickly, whn luka was like "hey! isn't tht..." and i pulled him away. drama huh? hahahas. anyways, lunch with them was fun! melvin is like, so god damn tall, bud he's only 16. tht's like younger thn me bud he looks so mature. hahahas. and wendaye's off to m'sia! i will miss her loads. LOVE YA BABES!

work was like, fcking busy luhs. we had like, 30pax in th function room cannnn. th whole family came luhs. whd th hellllll. me and tiffanie were bar, and we thought we cld finally take time off frm work, whn we were th busiest of all. -.- had to wash like, fcking many cups luhs! like nvr ending sia. somemore, in th restaurant, we have 3 birthday-ers. thn i have to draw th happy birthday desert. they last minute tell us, i was like, rushing like fck luhhhhhhhhs. bud it turns out good! (: hahahas. oh ya, we got to eat th left ovr cakes too! we were like fcking hungry la. THNKS MDM! actually, i don't rly like mdm. i prefer sir. hahahas. bud whd th heck! this is my life!

daddy's still pissed off abt th sch. oh, if you don't knw whd i'm talking abt, it's th part whr one of our own stole my phone last friday, and my wallet last wednesday. my dad says he wna write a complaint letter abt th sch and training officer thr. he says "why they nvr assure this kind of thng won't happen? why they have insufficient lockers for evryone, bud still hires to many staff, to add to tht, whr you don't get paid?" it's like, soooo true. bud i knw someone must hate me a lot la, tht's why it's always my stuff getting stolen, not other ppl's. i knw a lot of ppl hates me, bud who cares? i don't! (:

talked to benezer, talked to luke.
i'm still waiting for their replies and answrs.
it's gna mean a lot. i'm SERIOUS abt it this time.
and i'll wait for their answrs, as long as it takes,
evn if it takes forevr, i'll wait. (:

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