Wednesday, December 12, 2007

make up session!

hey peopleeee. sry i didn't blog ytd. after morning shift work at rosette, went to chill at spinell.... i dno hw to spell. LOL. talked and talked and talked with xinxiu. hahahas. thn went to taka an grabbed some food to eat. ok, not some. A LOT! we jst ate, and ate and ate. hahahs. looks like we have th same hobby! (x thn went to topshop. she had this 10bucks voucher tht was expiring ytd, so she had to buy somethng. she bought 2 undies! hahahs. i helped her picked. (: i loveeeee xinxiu! she's damnnnnnn fun. after tht, came home, changed, and went to th make up lesson tht i promised freesia's mum to go. this time, i love th make up. love love love! hahahas. took like damn a lot of pictures. tmr i'm gng agn. tmr they're doing makeup+hairdo! COOL~ can't wait! hahahs. free's mum told me wendaye & freesia asked her to read my blog, cause i blogged abt my feelings. hahahas. (: ohhhh, and i miss free & babes a lot. still in m'sia. sighs.

make-up! (:

camwhore-d. (:


went for morning shift agn tdy, thn slacked in rosette after work with xiu, mel and jey. xiu left at arnd 130, cause she had work at 2. some of th afternn shift ppl got let off early, so jey, teresa, mel & i slacked at cinnamon room for quite awhile. thn kian came, cause he was leaving also. he left his helmet on th table, thn left th room to do somethng. his helmet looks like a power ranger helmet! hahahas. jey wore on th thng. luckily it wasn't stuck. hahahas. had lot of fun with them. after tht, we walked to kian's bike, and kian started th engine of th bike. jey & mel wants to take bike lessons, so they wanted to try to start th engine also. oh my god la. mel is so damn light, tht whn she stepped on th thng to started th engine, evrytime th pedal goes all th way dwn, th impact and spring made mel fly bckwards! hahahas. she didn't evn start th engine laaa. thn jey tried, also failed. thn i tried, and th engine started! WHEEEE~ lol. thn jey wanted to try agn. and she started it too! like, oh so finally. (: thn mel wanted to try agn. and she failed, agn and agn and agn. hhahahs. she kept flying bck. th scene was sooo funny luhs. thn jey sat on th bike, thn ask mel to hop on th bck, thn she used her leg to move th bike. HAHA! damn cute la. we jst kept laughing and laughing. took pictureeeees. [: in th end. left at arnd 2+. and nw i'm homeeeee. (: bud still nothng to do. -.- tmr's my off dayyy, so must ENJOYYYY! =D

jey wearing th power ranger hat! (=

side view!

jey & mel on kian's bike! LOL. (:

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