Monday, December 31, 2007

sleepless nights.

sry for th late post. didn't have any good slp in 4 nights. like i said, my parents quarrelled. i knw i can't do anythng, bud i jst can't get it out of my head. i wna thnk julian, boonseng, benedict and teresa for being thr for me whn i needed them. thnks a lot. have been drinking th past 2 nights. hahas. super high. wanted to meet lolly for bubble tea bud she's working. ): thn was supposed to meet brandon whn tht bastard became a pilot and had other plans. -.- nvrmnds. i get tht so much, nw i get high whn i'm pissed. zz. have been watchong hana yori dango th past few nights. since i can't slp anyways. thnks to boonseng, for all th vcds and dvds he lent me. (: he's ovrseas now. and thn 6 ppl are gng on cruise frm wed to fri. SIGHS. seriously, i think i'm gna lead a no life life like, forevr. lol. oh ya, and i got drenched in th rain ytd. reached rosette all drenched. fcking cold la. nvrmnds. gng bck to rosette tmr evening to help mdm with th new batch. HAHA. it's gna be so much fun bossing ppl arnd. (;


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