Sunday, December 9, 2007

to make th world a better place.

i'm rly glad tht luke & clarissa gave me another chance. nw evrythng's bck! and i love it. i felt so much better after all these. talked to luke, and i love him a lot, my HOTNESS! talked to clarissa, had to settle a few thngs, and nw, we're cool, and gna get better! i hope. (: benezer, i rly wish he wld think hard abt this, cause i'm rly serious abt us this time. i knw i've been a real bitch, bud nw, evrythng's gna change. (: oh, and i haven't forgot abt zikun. i rly didn't think abt hw she felt. whd luke said was all true. it was rly unfair to her. and nw, i'm show her my love towards her, th way it was before. (:

i hope they all let me start ovr agn. [:

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