Sunday, December 23, 2007

ups and downs.

oks. lets see. didn't slp well last night. thngs got into my head agn. photos and blogs are jst small non-living items, bud yet, i'm so affected. anyways, went for mid shift tdy. dumb rumours still gng on. teresa came to work mid shift make up! (: finally can work with da jie. had lots of funnnnn. tdy was DTM's last day, unless got ppl suay, tmr still have to do morning shift. hahahs. cheers and unwillingness, tht's the way it went. hugs and kisses, love was all arnd. hahahs. went to suntec after work. brought clothes to change. met up with james and his friends at HOPE, went to th rock at suntec. watched th play "sleeping beauty; wake up leh!" hahahs. funny funny. they asked me if i wanted to convert agn. and i'm like, gave th same answr agn. bud it is rly not tht i don't wna, bud i jst wna stay th way i am. i knw i won't regret and all, bud i'm fine th way i am. (: anywayyyyyys, stupid GUIHAO nvr reply my msg, so i didn't get to see her, AGAIN! ): went to clarke quay with them after th service, thn they were gng clubbing, so i left for charcoal! cause jules, boon, glenn and th rest are all thr. so i decided to go find them before i take th last train home. found out tht somethng happened, jules was damn pissed off. so he was gng to leave whn i was abt to reach. so he waited for me, and we chit chatted with guoyu, and dina. thn jules and dina left. i asked guoyu to wait for me cause i wna drop in and talk to boon. he like, damn unwilling la, bud in th end, he waited! thnks laogonggg! LOL. oks, anyways, thr was glenn, kian, fi, dora, meijun, bernice, mark, shaun and mr samsul. sir was jst thr to wait till they leave and lock up th place, bud they were waiting for fangshu to go clubbing tgt. dina was supposed to go also, bud.. ok, nvrmnds. went in, only walked to boon and sir. damn worried abt boon. ): BEHAVE YOURSELFFFF!

oh oh, PICTUREEEEES! damn funny. kitchen staff took out EC christmas hats to wear, thn they purposely made th hat stand up, and say "steam! steam!" LOL. dumbass randy and yanliang also did th same thng. HAHA!

kitchen staff in "STEAM" christmas hats!
ashley; dina. (:
another picture of horny kitchen staff! >.<
VERY CUTE HELLO KITTY PRINT! located on a car at SHA VILLA carpark of an unknwn ownr.
SIDEEE! i see ADIDAS! [:


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