Friday, December 14, 2007

very unlucky.

i've rly been running out of luck lately. i dno. thngs happen, a lot on me. all th bad thng. i was th hdwtr tdy. 1stly, i was late. 2ndly, i jst have a feeling tht evryone thinks i'm rly lousy at work, esp hdwtr. 3rdly, i rly am, so i don't blame anyone. and thn, i've found out bad news. which made me feel like i will faint anytime. i felt so restless, i rly don't knw whd to do. i didn't wna do thngs i shld do, and i did thngs tht proves tht i'm god damn dumb and useless. it's not tht i'm afraid, i jst don't want to. it makes me feel rly bad. i've got a soft heart, i can't do anythng right. ya, i guess i AM very cheebye, right jey? hahahs. i'm a failure. serious failure. i'm clueless, someone help me..

ytd went for th make up class agn. tchr made my hair! i loved th hairdo! [:

after make up & hairdo. (:

th messed up yet perfect hairdo. (:

camwhore-ing. [:



tht's all for tdy. tata~

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