Thursday, December 27, 2007



brought my mum to jurong point for manicure and pedicure. used th voucher i bought th other time. so i got facial too. (: picked th colours for mum, i loveeeeeee th pedi colour. it's maroon red! and it looks awesome. she loves it too! hahahs.

was th aboyeur tdy... AGAIN! bud well, love it. always have lots of fun. got damn high tdy, in stead of being EMO and all. you knw whd happened, i don't have to say it. sang lots of songs while peeling garlic with brandon and kesaven [k-seven]. i sang like, a thousand christmas songs. old songs, new songs, whdevr la. thn k kept singing this "philipino" song. HAHA! i don't knw whd tht song is, bud it's a song alright. did my evaluation tdy, it wasn't bad. oh oh, taked to mdm abt my make up, she asked if i cld go bck nxt monday to help her with th new batch. and i agreed. i wld be staying at home anyways.

damn it, i jst heard my parents quarrel. FUCKKK. i hate it whn it comes to this. HOT! i need you, right now. ):

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