Saturday, January 12, 2008

ADE!! <3

met up with dearest adeline tdy! my phs darlingg. haven't seen her for 10months+! went to eat, chatted like, so much! crapped like crazy, it's damn happening la! hahahas. thn came ovr to my hse, we did our nails. more like, I did our nails. lol. oh, i jst love her! it was jst, 4 hrs. bud it felt like th longest and happiest 4 hrs evr. we walked here and thr, and she didn't evn complain a bit! hahahs. we're such a perfect couple, aren't we? <33

anyways, gng to ahma hse ltr. cause aunt ada, eunice and eugene are coming! YEAAA! haven't seen them for like, ages. hahahs.

oh, and i forgot to take pics with ade! ): nvrmnds. take with cuzzies ltr to make up for it. hahahs. (:

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