Wednesday, January 2, 2008


oks. very very very sad now. went to jules hse at arnd 3. slacked thr, thn left for harbourfront. jules, sharon, teresa, brandon, jey and wilfrid are gng on cruise tdy. th queue thr was damn damn long. so i accompanied them queue for quite awhile. i kept saying bye, bud i was still thr. hahahs. cause first time i said bye, brandon arrived. ok, thn stayed for awhile, thn i said bye agn. thn bran say "so fast ar? i jst arrived only leh." thn ok, we chatted, thn i said bye agn, thn jey arrived. thn ok, chatted more, thn i said bye, thn jey asked me to help her queue while she look for her mum. so i said ok, thn i queued, and she came, and i said bye. thn jey nvr take her bag to her queue, she left it with jules and th rest. so i took it to her. thn said bye agn. thn walked bck to find sharon, hugged her for very long. like very reluctant to leave. hahahas. me and sharon almost cried. damn funny. we kept laughing, thn th eyes like, teary teary. they keep saying "if anythng happen, jst want to let you knw we love you." LOL. damn cute. i'm gng to fetch them bck on friday. i promise. (:

jules' cap @ jules' place. (:

th "HOT" jules. [:

jules & ash. (:

ah ron, ah ley. (:

pls let nothng happen to them.

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