Tuesday, January 29, 2008


feeling pretty dwn lately.. don't ask why. bud i rly wna thnk baby weisiong for accompanying me through thick & thin. he's th one i can rly trust. he understands hw i rly feel, and whd kind of person i am. i can always tell him anythng. thnks so much, baby. i love you, so very very much. thnks to chewsyin and eunice too, for being thr for me, always making me laugh, no matter whd kind of situation i'm at. and thnks jeyyeo, aka yaoyuanyuan, for... for... for her face, tht makes me wna smile/laugh evrytime i see her. thnks for all th old & ugly neoprints she showed me, and which i stole 2 to showoff in class and threaten her. LOL. hahaha! i feel like scanning it in my com now, and post here, bud i won't. cause it's seriously too fugly. come to think of it, i wna browse through my neoprints too. and i have to show jey mine too. hahah. well, since i won't scan her fugly neoprints, i'll post th picture i took of her whn she webcam-d me.

this was ytd, whn she was at her dad's office.

this was JST now, like, 10mins ago. LOL!

CUTE HUH?!?! (:
i'm kinda glad i don't have webcam,
bud yet, craving for one. [[x

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