Monday, January 14, 2008


tdy was.. average. first day of sch, it was quite happening. hahahs. had 3 hrs of GRAMMER. i hate th tutor. ok, i don't HATE her. i don't like her. she's very long winded. like, seriously. so her lessons got boring. thn ms AMANDA came in. she's like th incharge of dhm and dtm or somthng. so she said if we have any problems or whd-so-evr, jst find her. she's quite pretty. hahaas. got th boys' attention alright. lol. had this 15mins brk. so we went out, planning to go yellow box, whn jey stopped at th classrm nxt door. and guess whd? dtm was jst nxt door. LOL. she evn opened th door and shouted for mel la. hahahs. so we all went dwn to yellow box. it was like, illegal gathering. as quoted frm jey, "like singapore merge with m'sia." hahahs. went bck to class. th tutor grped us, and we did this grp work. it was called th MUSEUM TOUR or somethng. each grp has one thng to touch on, for eg, noun, pronoun, verb, adverbs, blah blah. i was grpd with sharon, sisi and randy. we had to touch on adverbs. so we had to draw pictures on this paper, and stick it to th wall. th picture is like, so called, th "ART PIECE" tht's fr th museum tour. so practically, our class was th museum. thn thr's tour guide 1, 2, 3, and 4, or some thr's 5. thn we take turns to explain to other grps whd our art piece is abt and stuff. hahahs. wasn't tht bad after all. after tht, dismissedddddd! went to west mall for lunch, thn came home. played maple, watched tv, felt sick. went for dinner with mum at hg point, shopped at ntuc. bought candies and this pack of very nice cookies to bring to sch tmr. hahahas. bck home now, and gng to maple. lol. haven't played maple for like ages, so i'm bck agnnnnn. it's kinda lame, bud, oh well!~

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