Thursday, January 17, 2008

gng to be sick soon.

damn it. i have these 2 swollen parts at my top gum, like th ones inside your mouth? th ones behind th teeth. damn it man. anyways, schl is getting damn packed up, hardly have time for anythng in th world. oh oh! saw james tdy. haha! ok, anyways, had some problems wiht my homework tdy, so gave up on it. maybe ask jey abt th accounts hwk tmr. sighs. so, went to update class blog with pictures and VIDEOS of our ktv session. oh my god! and i told evryone who's online frm our class tht th blog is updated. hopefully they'll go watch, cause our blog's like, seriously dead, until one of our mentors ask if we have a website. i forgot who. thn they say ya, have class blog. so she asked if thr's enough space to let her upld her presentation and slide shows inside or not. thn they were like, "ask th queen blogger!!" OH MY GOD. i got stunned, i don't dare to move. thn she asked, who's tht? and all thnks to BRANDON TAN, he went "ningxin cum ashley cum mary cum blah blah blah..." zzzz. and i jst sat thr, hiding behind bob. LOL. damn paiseh laaaaaa! haha! created my yahoo acc alrdy. mr vincenttan required us to create one, and he'll create a yahoo grp for him to update all th necessary notes into th grp so we can browse through them thr. YEA! hahahas. ok, i hate it whn i don't have my cost control txtbk with me during tht lesson, evn whn i ALRDY bought th bk. zz. it's so irritating. they borrowed it to photocopy, and i can only get it on saturday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. double tht zz. anywayyyyyys, hope evryone in class enjoy th class blog updates! (((x

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