Thursday, January 24, 2008


HAHAHA! VIDEO CALLING WITH LOLLY RIGHT NOW! damn damn fun. we like siao sia. she keep digging her nose la! so UNGLAM! she like, all excited, telling me go buy webcam and play with her. lol. let's see. these few days quite bad mood. NOT EMO. BAD MOOD. hahahas. can't be bothered to talk. until i met up with lolly. first thng, thr's a lot of stars tonight, like first time see so many stars. thn met up with lolly, talked abt sec sch for 2 hrs! talk abt jamil, nathan, mariagoh, guei, lin ling ling, and all th stupid thngs we did in sch la! get caught, ghost stories, blah blah. HAHA! laughed like hell. thn brandon came along, laugh with us also. lol. LOLLY, YOU BETTER NOT LAZE IN BED TMR OKKKKKK. don't be late!!!!


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