Saturday, January 12, 2008


oks. in a very very VERY fckd up mood. why? let's see.

went for brunch with mummy at kovan. thn shopped, got 2 clothes. and thn, had like, hightea cum dinner with my mum at compass. saw wendaye, amily, mt and frnds. well, first irritating thng. whn my mum saw them, her face is like, zz, as always. they said hi, she she like jst, "hng." and thn still tht face. i hate this, a lot. i don't see whn i call other ppl's parents their faces are like tht. so it leaves a bad impression. and i hate it. and i'm gna comfront this thng to my mum tmr. after tht, went to outram and waited for jules and th rest. in th end, wiated thr for like 40mins, thn jules say jey and fe are at somerset, and him and wilfrid are at th meridian. so i went to meridian to find them. they were playing pool. went to heeren to meet up with jey and fe, thn went to eat malay food. after tht, took bus to chinatown to find cheapest k we can find. in th end, sang at kbox for 21bucks each, thr were 5 of us. supposedly can only sing until 130, so we said bud too short, cause it was alrdy 10. thn we show like, gng off to find other k. thn th person said let us sing till 4. so we said ok. sang till arnd 12 plus, mum called. i can negotiate with her. i said tht my hols are ending, and this is th last time, blah blah, and she hung up. thn sing sing until 1 plus, dad called. fcking cannot negotiate with him. he started with quite some attitude in his voice, so i sounded sry, cause me and my dad are like, real close. 1 thng i hate abt him are his rules. fcking like 3 yr old child rules la. thn he started talking nicely, and asked me to leave now. so i said can i stay awhile more, and he said can't, cause it's 1plus alrdy. i supposed to have curfew at 12, bud normally, he slps by thn, and my mum let's me out. not rly "let". i always argue and negotiate and joke with her. thn she will keep silent, which means consent. so he said i must go home NOW. and i said ok.. and he said nxt time can't like tht. 12 means 12. so i ok-d all th way. after he hung up, my mood like go straight dwn th drain.we were damn high. starting only me, jey, fe and jules high. until wilfrid started singing, we cheered for him and all, thn he got high too. he evn sang chinese raps! bud is anyhow la. bud sounds damn right la! hahahs. we took damn many videos and pics la. oks, not tht many. bud i haven't took so many for quite some time. argh. so now i'm sitting here, at home. doing nothng. i don't see th point. if i come home, and don't slp, whd's th difference if i'm outside? they are spoiling my golden age ok. i'm not some 12 yr old anymore, DON'T YOU GET IT?!?! i wish i cld say all these out loud, bud i can't. ): i'll be like, guilty for all my life.

whnevr i hear jey and jules and yuhui and all talk abt their parents, it's like, wow. jey brings her mum on board cruise tgt for dno n-times. jules loves his mum. yuhui's parents gives her freedom since she was young. they're like, her frnds. she tells them evrythng. evn her frnds like her parents, and asks them along for whdevr party or gathering they have. aren't they jst, grt? let's see. my parents? other thn sunday is a family day, and we watch movies, and they pay for almost evrythng, it's like, zz. i swore to give my kids freedom nxt time. because i found out tht th more you let them do thngs, smartly, after they stay out long, they knw you trust them, th more they trust you, and they won't lie. i mean, must teach them th right way to do thngs la. th more you lock them up, th more they wna fight bck, and they'll lie to you, and evrythng is jst, out of control. freedom, i give. bud of course, thr must be a limit. somemore, my parents don't like my frnds to come ovr. it's rly damn irritating. fe's mum will love to cook for her frnds whn they go ovr her place. my mum jst hates it cause she'll have to mop th floor and evrythng agn. and she hates to cook for no reason, or last minute. cause thn, she'll have to clean up th kitchen. zz.

you get it? my life jst suckkkks, like, damn straight.

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