Tuesday, January 15, 2008


it's so so STRESSED this semester. damn it. 4 projects, including 6 subjects in it. tht's like, so damn stressed out luhs. hmms. during alextan & vincenttan's lessons, it was quite enjoyable. hahas. happy to have them as our tutors, oh, nono, i meant MENTORS this time round. finally met our course tutor, jennylai. ok, she teaches very slowly. so slow, it gets boring, and i soooo want to slp during her lesson. like, zzz. sharon caught up with fever suddenly in th afternn. ): poor buddy. take care, love! and updated class blog too. i rly have a headache thinking whd to blog in class blog. it's like, dead alrdy. lol. and my blog's like dying too. hahas. anyways ppl, feeling so damn tired after this long day, i gta get some slp, after i maple. lol. SEEYAAA!~

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