Wednesday, January 9, 2008


YIPEEEEE~ finally, gone to sing k! BUT not with jules. tht idiot. until now still nvr keep his promise. went with weiping, alvintan, weeseng, yongleong, wilber. woohoooooos~ i kept holding on to th mic. hahahas. i loveeee th times i spent with them. cause we barely hang out tgt, evn though we jst stay like, one road away. (: I LOVE K! seriously, love love LOVE! sang stupid songs, went super crazy.whn we were abt to leave, it was raining. we walked in th rain to th bus stop. i had to hold on to weeseng, cause th base of his slippers were flat. no friction at all. and th rest jst walked their way. idiotttts. thn he called me mommy. i was happy, bud thn agn... those times were so memorable. i don't think thr wld be a nxt one.

sometimes, looking bck at pictures brings bck memories tht cld nvr be replaced, bud hurts & sting like no other. browsing arnd th internet, i see thngs tht are so unbelievable. it felt like i was replaced by some other. it felt like, th end of th world. bud i stand in no place to complain. it's jst, so disappointing.

does it still exist? to me, it's fading, real fast, real painful.

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