Monday, January 28, 2008



bought a cake for brandon ytd. actually was planning to buy a gift for him, bud in th end, i was too lazy and slacking arnd at home. went to buy new yr goodies with my parents. oh my god. spent like, 600++ bucks laaaaa. thn we were at bangawan solo, and my mum saw cakes, so she said "you haven't buy anythng for brandon right? buy cake la." so i was like, "ya hor!" thn we choose choose, thn walk to polar, see see, thn walk to angie th choice. and my dad said tht their cakes looks rly nice, and of course, i always support angie th choice, cause their ice cream cake and durian cakes are TH BEST! bud ice cream cake, i'm afraid it'll melt on th way to sch, and my dad says cannot use th plastic knife to cut, cause it'll be too hard and frozen, thn th knife will brk. hahahas. thn i didn't buy durian cake cause i scared ltr got ppl don't eat durians de, so it's like a precaution. so th cookies cake looks really good, so spent like **++ bucks on it, which i think it was so worth it.

so, th plan was tht i cannot meet brandon up to go to sch, cause i'll be holding th cake, which is so stupid. called him in th morning, he won't pick up. i went to sch with lolly, cause her class starts at 830. thn brandon msgd me saying tht he'll be late, and ask me to go first, so i decided not to tell him tht i'm not meeting him, and jst pretend i left without him. LOL. reached sch arnd 8.35, brought th cake dwn to find jack chan, bud in th end, can't find him, bud saw ongpehti, so i asked her if i cld put th cake anywhr in a fridge. she let me put it in th kitchen beside th production kitchen. i went up to class, and whd th fckkkkk, bran was in class! and i was thinking, if i was jst a lil ltr, he wld have seen th cake. thn i told sharon, el, teresa, jey, yuhui, jules, thomas, guoyu, wilfrid abt it, and i asked them to drag some time to make bran stay in class after lesson. in th end, me, jey and mel were @ th yellow box, and whn we were abt to walk up, someone shouted dwn tht class ended alrdy. and we were like, FCK! so i ran bck to th kitchen to take th cake. brought it up, me, teresa and jules were puting th candles, taking out th box, and lighting up th candles outside th class, and we brought it in! sang birthday song for him, i didn't see his faced, bud i think he's surprised and TOUCHED bah. well, he better be. took pictures of him making his wish and blowing his candles. thn we requested him to use his mouth to take th candles out, so we can push his face into th cake. HAHA! we failed in th end, bud jey still use her finger to put cake on his face, thn he took revenge, and it was like, damn funny la. ok. th cake was like, SO DAMN NICE LAAAAA! hahahaha! oh oh, left 2 pieces for mel and xiu, thn i knocked onto their classrm door and asked her to come out, and she was damn paiseh la! HAHA! th cake was rly rly nice la. project meeting after tht, like, oh my god, damn tired. and my lens were damn irritating la. so i took out and throw away, leaving myself blind. zz. thn felt like damn emo, thn thought abt a lot of thngs, blah blah blah, all th usual stuff i used to do. jst talked to jey on skype, and i snapped a picture of her on webcam! HAHA! fun fun!

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