Sunday, February 3, 2008

my love. (:


i've nvr had so much fun for weeks. i mean, with them, for arnd a yr plus. our meet ups were always jst, slacking at playgrnd and nothng else. bud tdy, i mean, saturday, at arnd 1pm, lindy, my dar, called me and woke me up during my nap. bud it was ok. i was rly glad to hear frm her. so she asked me if i wna go out with her and haoyee, also, zheyue. so i said, of course i will go! we went to PS, ate MOS BURGER, slacked arnd, walked to TAKASHIMAYA, went to ART.FRIEND, slacked more, lindy's bf called her, which made me and her damn irritated, cause he's like those kind of sticky and control-ive bf. thn he if she don't wna go find him thn he will come find her, so she asked if we wna go to bugis to find him, and we were rly lazy, so we said no. thn he said he'll come down thn, and lindy was like, anythng lah, use sms, use sms. and she hung up. thn we took mrt to PS, cause we were damn lazy, thn went to starbucks, thn slacked some more, thn lindy's bf appeared. oh my goddddd. he may look QUITE good, bud his expressions sucks like hell la. like, whn you see your gf frnd, give tht kind of guai lan face, like whd th fck cannn. so i was damn pissed off whn i saw him. me and lindy were walking to buy drinks, and he whispered to lindy "i wna talk to you." and walked off. like, damn seriously whd's wrong with him can. so nvrmnds, she went to talk to him. and i jst kept walking arnd thr, making them feel tht i'm rly sick of waiting for ppl. so she came ovr and went to buy drinks with me. thn nvrmnds. whn buying drinks, he came and said he wna talk to her agn. so she left me agn. zzzzzzzz. i bought my drinks, and went bck out to look for her, thn she came ovr, and she told me tht he asked her if she still love him or not. she replied him "it doesn't matter whdevr th answr is whd." so he said he jst wan an answr, and lindy told him no. and i was like, "are you serious?!?!" and she said she's sick and tired of being in his control and all those shit. thn i told her abt my shit. and i fcking emo-ed and cried at starbucks la. like, whd th fck can. thn they cheered me up agn. i cherish them a lot. thn we walked to dno whr and was planning to play pool, bud it was like, freakking full. still got ppl waiting some more. and we saw LEON thr! hahahhaa! thn we walked to th bus stop, and decided to go bck to hg. on th bus i felt like, freakking unwell. kept wanting to volmit. URGH! it feels like fck man. haoyee said th same thng. hahaha. lindy went home straight, while haoyee, zheyue and i went to blk 401 to meet yushuang for dinner. it was arnd 1030pm. thn haoyee listened to my mp3 and kept dancing to those very catchy songs. he's like, damn funny laaaa! hahaha. had dinner with shuang, thn francis came along to find us.went to zheyue's hse after tht. yushuang went home. kangyue looks th same as forevr. hahah. haoyee is rly damn funny la. kept dancing arnd, freakking abt whd to do tmr for his date with someone. LOL! oh oh, they're gng to do sushi ltr in th morning! and i'm planning to go watch them. tht is, if i can wake up or get out of th hse ltr after coming bck so late. francis played th video of them making cookies 2 yrs ago. haoyee, zheyue, francis and mathew. they look & sound super funny in th video luhs! hahaha! i had so muchhhhhhh fun with them.they'll nvr be forgotten.

thnks a lot for tdy. (:

haven't seen you for soooo long, bud you haven't changed a bit, well, tht's whd i think la. hahahas.

you practically slpt at zheyue's place tdy, so, not much thngs to say. bud still, you're a rly nice guy, and hope you can find your girl soon. (:

i love these ppl. (:

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