Tuesday, February 5, 2008


WOW. sch nowadays are pretty stressed for me. not only projects and tests, but it's all th SUAN-ing you get frm your classmates, or shall i jst say FRNDS. my god la. i tio suan until damn gao gao la. zz. this is gna take forevr. like, it's nvr gna happen, so why can't you guys jst like, shut your mouth and get ovr it! "Anythng can happen." but NOT THIS. because i knw tht's it's not possible, so, ya. HAHA! oks. grammer was fun, answring all th questions presented by fe's grp and sisi's grp. YEA! i'm soooo gna pass grammer! while i was cheering away, this girl, or shall i say GUY, teresa, sitting beside me, cursing and swearing and whining away abt her gng to fail, cause she don't understand whd they were talking abt. and she kept saying tht she's gng to have to go to cambridge and evrythng. LOL. "if i go home tell my mum tht i fail grammer, she's gna be like, WHD TH ???" LOL. damn fun fun fun. and thn thr's this brandon, pushing and hitting and banging me all ovr th place. SO UN-GENTLEMANLY. and thn say thngs behind my bck, more like, BESIDE, SO DAMN LOUD. class ended early, meeting was cancelled until dno whn. so slacked arnd in th library with ron and el. saw lolly and her grp project members discussing abt their project thr, thn kian and lisha started to brainwash us to go to their tour. hahahahah! i heard lolly talk abt it before. gng to farms, and having to experience th fish therapy or somethng like tht. sounds like, damn interesting la. bud, still dno. so, helping them to promote their tour la. hmms. thn saw DCS guys, AHH! JUSTIN. tht chao ah beng. ahahahas. tell me to buy FOR HIM one pack tmr. pls lor, dream on la! go find your toast with butter & KAYA can. LOL. talked on th phone with him, he super super ah beng. cannot tahan. but not bad. he was gng for interview, so he wore like, formal wear. actually look not bad de, bud thn he wore this gold necklace, made him look like, ah beng lao da. LOL!! oks. thn walked to west mall for lunch with guoyu, jules, brandon, thomas, susi, sisi, randy, bobb & yuhui. tio suan, tio suan, tio suan. thn eat eat eat, went to take mrt bck. tio suan, tio suan, tio suan. -.- went home, dota dota, slp slp. thn supposed to go find haoyee, bud ovrslpt. I'M SO SRY, DEAR! i owe you one, BIG TIME! thn went to find lolly, and i accompanied her to go meet paul to pass him some stuff. first time officially met paul, he's a... ermm.. look emo, bud fun, sacarstic guy. hahahas. he was with his frnd, patrick, who was playing this game on his labtop. this helicopter game which paul was very lousy at. hahaha! supposed to save ppl and evrythng. budden found out tht patrick wasn't very good at it either. and it's home swt home. somemore guoyu they all wna play dota. i haven't evn studied for my HS. it feels more like, thr's a test on dota tmr, which thy're all gna pass except for me. i only knw hw to die cannnn. nobody wna help me. i kept asking "whd to buy whd to buy?!?!?" and thr was silence..... zz. anyways, tdy wasn't such a bad day.

i'm thinking abt tmr. gng to my father's side family's place to eat reunion dinner. thn have to go straight frm sch. zz. and my parents say don't need to change. bud i insist! so i think i'm gna bring some clothes to change.. or not... hmms.

nice to meet you paul! (: hope your day gets better tmr. haha!

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