Friday, March 21, 2008


just came back from lunch, guess what?
i'm gna be left home alone again. why?
cause my bro went out, gramps went out, as usual, and my mum's going to couz's hse to play mahjong.
i hate it when i'm alone at home. it's so, lonely. i hate to be lonely. ):

anyways, on th way home earlier, i saw ELDORA GABRIELLA! <33
haven't seen her for, what? 6, 7 years? that's sooooo long.
it was kinda funny, how we realised each other just walked passed.
it's like, she walked pass me, i walked pass her, nothing happened.
then a thought ran through my mind, "she's so familar..."
and i turned around, just nice, she turned and looked back at me, and we smiled at each other.
so drama huh? ahaas.
but it was great seeing her again. (:

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