Sunday, March 23, 2008

my love.

met up with kasey for dinner today, after studying th whole morning and afternoon.
thanks for th dinner, love.
we ate at ichiban sushi. (: took like, fucking a lot of pictures there.
went to buy bubble tea, walked to lolly's block and waited for her, cause she asked me to help her buy.
took pictures again, then bernie came down to meet us.
oh my god, it was like a dream come true!
i missed her soooo much!
it was a lovely day, meeting up with my 2 lovely besties.
it's like, th best day ever since a long long time.
life is sooo complicated now. SHATEC is really complicated. i hate to say more.
don't worry LINDY! we talked about you, and we miss you so muchhh!
we're planning on an outing next week, it's going to be great! (:
lolly came down, chit chatted for quite long, and all of us went out seperate ways.
except for kasey; she came over to my place to slack a lil, told her about stuffs happening th past months after th last time i saw her.
thanks for being there, kas. <3

oh ya, my bro got his new free com. and it's damn coooool.
th CPU has th hellgate pictures on it, th whole thing is black, and huge. damn damn cool.
black flat screen monitor, black mouse, black keyboard, all new.
and all i get is my bro's com. it's updated alright, but it's internet connectivity and it's loading is like, WHAT TH FUCKKKKKK. damn slow, damn lag, damn LOUSY.
i cannot believe it.
my bro told me that if he gets his new com, and i get his com, i can download things and use my windows live and all. he told me that it'll make it easier for me to use th internet and download shit. and guess what? HE LIEDDDDDDD.
he told me that to OBVIOUSLY make me forget th thought of getting a labtop. but guess what? now i have a much better reason to get one.
and in th first place, i didn't want to get a labtop only because i can use windows live and play games and shit. is because it would be much more CONVENIENT to use th internet!
ARGHHHHH. makes my blood boil. this com sucks, BIG TIME.
so what if it's nicer, and more updated?
my lousy old com is so much better than this! give me back my easy-to-use commmmmmm! );

anyways, here are th pictures we took today. (:

she's my sweetheart. (:


ber says: "don't rape me!"

my two dearies.

"yo! what's up?" candid by kas.

laughing, spontaneously. candid by kas.

ber say "that who ar! #$%&@!?" candid by ash.

kas & ash.

th "cool" dude.

potrait of kas.

potrait of ash.

we took panorama all day.

look at my babe!

we never get tired.

th new 007 spy? -.-



anyways, hugs and kisses for KASEY, BERNIE & LINDY.
i love ya all! ((:

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