Tuesday, March 11, 2008

tell me abt it..

haven't blogged for quite some time.
lazy to create another blog, so decided to stick with this old one.

a lot happened since th last time i blogged.
to many thngs to elaborate on.
it's jst, frnds, frnds, and more frnds.
got accused for doing somethng i didn't do,
but yet, i got no apologies.
got backstabbed whn i didn't knw abt it,
but yet, i jst acted as if i don't knw anythng.
lies were told, which i thn found out they're all lies,
but yet, i cld only hold it in my heart.
always being thr for them,
but yet, no one picked up their phone whn i needed them.
always doing whd i'm told,
but yet, i got marks deducted.
giving chances
but yet, i still get bullied.
trying to be nice, offered help whn you seem like you needed some,
but yet, thr's always somethng tht comes last minute after i've made th trip all th way thr.
didn't wna hurt your feelings,
but yet, you came bck to hurt mine.

am i doing somethng wrong?
is being nice a fault?
tell me, why is it always me?

thnkyou brandon,
for telling me whd i ought to knw.
thnkyou bobb,
for understanding whd i'm gng through.
thnkyou wilfrid,
for being thr for me whn no one else was.

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