Wednesday, March 19, 2008

time to save!

alrights. no school today, so i dropped by my sec sch choir for a visit, and also to pass sugar th money for stgab's concert tix. thanks sugar!
anyways, th choir looks big, bigger thn th last time i saw them. th new sec ones, didn't really pay much attention to them, but overall, it's still surviving. (:
heard ms yee and mrs tay talked about a musical my school is holding. WOW. heard from babes that it was an "inspiration" from high school musical. oh please, our school can't make it that far.
heard that th band, chinese ochestra, modern dance and choir are going to be combined to hold this musical. it sounds good, and choir is going to perform 15 SONGS! like, WOW. in 70 minutes? it's deadly man.
windy night, they sang while i was there, i think. i like. [:
oh oh, and seniors sang singulempong! my goddddd. i loveeeee that song, so i sang along. xD

met up with mum for dinner after.
went to watsons, bought mascara, make-up remover, eye shadows. spent like, $52.
went to sasa, which was having an offer in th centre of th 1st storey, bought 2 eye shadows, one key chain lip gloss. spent like, $16.
went to C.O.A.X, bought like, 4 tights, 2 for me and 1 for mum, spent like, $60.
i bought teens magazine, $3.
went to guardian, bought a shaver, spent like, $14.
now tell me about it. i spent like, $150 just in one night! DAMN!
although it's all paid by mum cause i've got like, no money, i keep thinking what if one day we spent finish all th savings. it'll be like, oh my goddddd.
i have to stop spending man. zz.

anyways, actually hy asked me to go singing with him, zy, ys and mat.
but i got no money. it was like, sooooo sad. ):
tell me about it. zz.
i'll ask them to go during my hols. i owe them soooo much.


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