Saturday, April 19, 2008


housekeeping was as boring as monday.
basic maths, LLL gave us exercises to do, so it was ok, since i like maths.
after school, went to watch THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM with:
guoguo [haha!], susi, thomas, randy, sisi, bobb, lewis and tiong.
HAHA! stupid guoguo keep laughing at me.
cause i bought herbal tea eggs, then i put in my bag.
then when i open my bag in th cinema, th smell was very strong.
and he was like, "wah lao, which pig head go and buy herbal tea egg, so smellyyyyyy!"
when he already know it was me. and kept laughing at me. zz.
we split into front and back row. 4 up front, thomas, susi, sisi and randy.
and 5 at th back, guoguo, me, lewis, bobb, and tiong.
haha! first time watch movie with GUOGUO lehhhh! LOL.
i know you're reading la, will it kill you to like, TAGGGGGG?
th movie was quite funny,
cause it was about this young europe born boy who likes martial art/kung fu, but don't know no shit,
who got sent to a journey to th monkey god times to save th monkey god with his mystical rod.
but everyone there speaks chinese, which is damn funny. cause he's like, soooo different.
then he met th drunken immortal, who is actually not an immortal, but knows good shit kung fu,
and this girl, named sparrow, who is out to seek revenge of th i forgot what name.
then they met th silent monk, who was actually a duplicate of th monkey god before he was turned into stone,
and they travel through th bridge of heaven and earth,
and save th monkey god, to let th world once again be peaceful, instead of war.
this boy learnt martial arts and kung fu, and goes to th journey of saving him.
then, he returned home by going through th Gate of No Gate.
th story is actually quite action pack and interesting,
but when they have conversation talks, it becomes very funny.
ohoh, and that SPARROW, whom i think is Liu Yi Fei or something, is damn damn pretty! HA!
sisi was damn funny.
after th show, she said "i think i look like th girl."
LOL. then she keep laughing to herself. damn cute sia.
then randy say he's like th monkey god, sun wu kong. HA!
then guoguo say "TH SHOW IS NOT NICE TO WATCH LA."
cause i was sitting beside him, and he pueposely want to suan me. zz.
took th train back with GUOGUO! ha!
interviewed him. damn funny.
sneakingly reading my blog righttttt???
tag laaaa!

after th show, went home to change, and met up with jiamin for dinner at ave 8.
after that went to town's spinelli's to meet jey, teresa and their friend, jyren, i think.
reached home at around 12, then chit chatted with momsie, on th phone with lolly,
then slept.

had breakfast with momsie this morning, now going to find wendaye cause she's having flag day and is at hg mall now.
then after that going for study date with my AHRONRONNNNN!

alright peopleeeeee, LOVE!

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