Wednesday, April 9, 2008


to summarise up yesterday night,
saw my PRIMARY school teacher at hougang green.
i mean, PRIMARY school lehhhh! how long ago was that? 6, 7 years?
i was staring at her, she was staring at me.
then she said "who are you ar?"
"OHH, i remember youuu!"
"huh? really ar? can recognise me ar?"
"ya ya. th face still there. (:"
then she asked where am i studying at, and say that shatec is a good school and all.. blah blah.
but it was great bumping into her.
she's one of th students' favourite chinese teacher.
met up with nurul for a short while at hougang green cause she stays there, then she went out with her friend.
sang k, came home at around.. 11 plus.
quite standard la.
then... i was actually in a good mood la.
but, don't want to talk about it, very complicating.
talked on th phone with bobb until his phone no batt. lol.
then chatted with lolly on msn awhile, then she went off to sleep.
can't sleep all night.
watched 5 episodes of devil beside you, OH MY GODDD. mike, my husband, is like, SOOOOO HOTTTTTT. haha!
then, i stopped at th 5th episode, cause i found out that i wasn't really paying attention to it like how i used to.
i mean, i remember what i've watched, i enjoyed it a lot, but then, th whole while in my mind was 2 of them.
tried to sleep, really can't.
arghh... ended up ******************* th whole night.
so didn't sleep, like, AT ALL.
met up with lolly in th morning to go to school.
then we gossip gossip as usual. haha. like, there's no ending to gossips huh.
anyways, went to school, first time in like, 2, 3 months i became emo again.
FUCKKK. hate that.
a lot of people tell me that i look and feel so different from th first semester.
cause i used to be you know, emo emo and all.
then, i wna thank this SOMEONE, or a few SOMEONES, for telling me SOME THINGS, that made me go to school everyday, happily.
then, suddenly, woahhhhh. bad semester la.
th surrounding was damn cold. i cannot tahan.
there were a few sudden moments, but, thanks to SOMEONES who were there for me again. (:

anyways, msg'd them in th evening, everything is better now, i hope.
things are really getting complicated. sighs. what to do?
met up with lolly, george and yiting at lolly's void deck just now.
gossip gossip, then shoot here shoot there, woahhh, super evil sia.
POLITICAL; th word that made us all go crazy.
then i pushed lolly off her seat, and she was laughing, then fell off th seat. LOL!!
that one ar, damnnnnn funny siaaaa!!
we were laughing, then she shoot me, then i push her, then she fell right, still laughing, climb back on th chair, still laughing, LOL!!!
we like crazy siaaaaa.

YEAAA! tmr class start at 9, end at 12!!!
then sharon and teresa coming over my house to chill chill, play pianoooo~
sharon is going to have a concert in my house i think.
can't wait! (:

i'm lost.
so lost.
super numb,
super dumb.
what to do? ):

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