Tuesday, April 8, 2008


yesterday was th first day of school, but yet everyone was still in holiday mood. haha.
weisiong asked me to go sing k with him, teresa and we pulled sharon with us.
went to jurong east entertainment centre kbox. paid about 15 per head. not bad.
supposed to be singing from 2 to 7.
when it was 7, th person didn't call us, so we continued singing until 8.
th person still didn't come, so we tired already, decided to call for th bill.
they didn't charge extra, no worries. had lots of fun.
starting of th day was very very unlucky.
someone committed suicide at cck, made my train jam at yewtee, and every other train.
yewtee was damn packed, got to school late.
super unluckyyyyyy.
but also, very funny. haha.

today was... ok la. not bad lor.
i love steventan!!! ((:
oh oh, and i made a new friend, NURUL! from DHM408A!
we were fated to meet.
first time she talked to me, ok.
then i saw her at amk mrt toilet!
and she stays at hougang too!!!
WOW, i know. totally fated. LOL.

this post is short, cause i'm going to sing k with yee, yangyi and amas at hg green.
i'm like, singing k for th don't know how many times this past weeks.
HA! and i enjoyyyyyyy it!
love love to all, bye byeeeee~

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