Monday, April 7, 2008


i love QING MING JIE, which is sweeping tombs day.
cause that is one day where th whole family get together, and we'll always have fun, sing, fool around, laugh at stupid things each other does. it's great.
for today, kenny, matthew and their parents didn't come. idk why. i sure miss them loads.
anyways, sat in aunt ada's car most of th day, singing with eunice. ahaas. my best girl. (:
eugene lost his wallet on tues, and got nagged by aunt ada. his phone also spoilt, so he didn't have a phone. poor him huh. he had 80bucks in his wallet, and just topped up his ez link to about 30bucks.
my god, he sure is unlucky.
had lots of fun today, no quarrels, no kids jumping around like monkeys, it was all good. we even laugh about things like when casper, one of my younger cousin, tried to throw this stack of paper into th air, but kept failing. it was stupid. haha.

went to jurong west for dinner at th coffee shop. ate th zhi cha. ordered 2 veggie, kangkong and si ji dou, which is think is long beans or something. then there was th hong shao pai gu, which is ribs, and onion omelette. then there were my favourites, cereal prawn, 2 black pepper crabs and 2 chilli crabs with mantou! OH MY GOD. yummy! HAHA! enjoyed my last day of holiday with my family, and i love them, loads.

Quoted from sharon's blog, th 'fuck'd up' post:

"Right when I'm ready to get over everything
I dream of you and all the determination melts away.

I never knew how heart-warming it could be
just knowing you're right beside
and having your presence around.

but when the clock ticks
and the alarm rings
reality strikes.

and the world comes crashing down on me.

Don't believe in everything they do,
They might be playing tricks on you."

this is so damn true. love ya, ronnie. (:

school starts at 830 tmr. don't be late. -.-

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