Monday, April 14, 2008


day by day, my life turns merrier and extra joyful.
more and more people finds out about my numbness, which i don't think is really that great.
but on th other hand,
more and more problems are solved.
friendships are getting closer than it can ever get.

let's see.
ahhh, yesterday. had a whole lot of exercise, like, SERIOUSLY!
now my body's aching like helllllllll.
i'm sure not numb no more. ha!

went to th st gabs vocal ensemble today.
they were really really great. i always look forward to their performance.
it's always worth th excitement.
it was also th first in a very long time i saw my boys.
th boys that have always been forced to call me mommy, [i think],
th boys who could always bring out th best in me.
th boys whom i lost contact with.
i had no courage, no confidence to bring myself up to talk to them.
but i want to thank benezer, for still being there for me all these times.
although we're not as close, but it's good enough.
i messaged dez and es.
dez replied me something that made me smile like no one's business.
es called me on th phone, and we talked about everything else but that.
it had been so long since th last time we talked on th phone, and i was really really jumping for joy.
there were so much laughter in our conversation, i can't think of anything else.
he said i've changed! into.... more mature?
he says my outlook changed. for th better, i think. it had better be!
him? still my charming lil' dear. (:
so i want to thank them, for not avoiding me, nor ignoring me, but being part of my life, making a difference.
and and and, we may be having dinner on tuesday! i really hope they can make it.
of course, with bryan. i mean, we're ok, i guess. but just, nothing to say to each other i guess.
it's as if whenever we face each other, we're worst than strangers.
strangers are when you don't know each other, so it doesn't matter.
but we definitely know each other, and......
it's all my bloody fault. zz.

sweet, dear, baby. love you guys so much.

amily, she ran away for tim and left me. pretty sad huh?
but it was joy to see them falling deeper and deeper into love lake. ha!
she owes me a full report, and so do i.

and i saw kennykee today.
th last time i saw him was god knows how long.
ahhhhh, he definitely slim down, and look much better than before, but..... erhhhh... ehhh....
just, not yet near to CHARMING. ha!
sooooo evil. ok. shut up.
anywayyyys, didn't get a chance to talk to him. think he left right after th concert.

oh oh oh! and i saw MR YEO MARCUS todayyyyyyyyy.
my long long time ago god-bro! ha!
it's practically coincidental. my godddd.
he's grown taller, and slimmer. totally.
and he looks real good. (:
i'm so glad he still recognise me.
we talked on msn just now. and we're making dinner appointments too! (:
can't can't can't waitttttt. (:

to all st gabs choir performers today, you guys did a really good job. well done! (:

ohhhh, and wendaye can't make it today.
she's in m'sia, and her aunt won't let her leave early for th concert.
my poor girl. she sure missed out th cutest performance!

sweety, baby, dear, sugar, babe.
mommy loves you so. (:

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