Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, I've been really crazy in class today.
Right, when have I not? (;
We pretended to be perky cheerleaders.
Ok, I pretended. They just thought I was irritating, so wanted to get back at me.
You know perky cheerleaders always spell things out?
Like those bitches in high school?
So the first thing i said was "Let's go for L-U-N-C-H!"
& they started laughing.
All the way throughout the class, all the way till after class, all the way, like, F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
Yes, I know. Get used to it. (;

Ashley & Jey; Candid. (:

Met up with Jyren, along with Jey and Teresa.
Ate some junkies, slacked around, and Jyren had to go for work.
Wanted to go to my cousin's house, in the end, can't.
Eunice had piano class and Eugene's not home. Damn.
So I ended up at home.
Went to shop at AMK Hub for awhile, and i met Christopher Lukano!
My god, he's sweet. (:
Will see you at the concert tomorrow!
On the bus home, I cam-whored.
It felt as if i haven't cam-whored for like, tons and tons of years.

HAHA! I like this photo okkkkk. ;D
Niceeeeeeeeeeee. (:

Ok, I was really bored, so i decided to take stupid pictures and upload on my dead blog.
HAHA. No Comment.
This neither. --

& cam-whored at home. --

I look like a bimbo here, WHICH I AM NOT.
So Mr Collin, please stop calling me that.
I'm neither a bimbo, nor a whore, and definitely not a slut.
I'm a B-I-T-C-H, Thank you.
I told you, I was bored!

Tried to call up people to accompany me to eat dinner, no one was available. --
So I decided to go 513 coffee shop to buy back Fried Rice.
Who knew, the zhi-cha store wasn't open. --
Saw Wee Seng buying food! YEA! Missed that cute lil' fella. (:
We talked, and talked, he's as kiddish and cute as E-V-E-R.
Then he had to go, and then i had to go.
Met up with Haoyee, it was ice age since th last time we met.
Went for dinner at Ave 8, Evan came along after.
Haoyee left early, so Evan and I started cam-whoring. (;
Love this B-I-T-C-H.

& Her.
& Me.
& Me again.
& more stupid Me.
& Me......
& Her.
& We started learning how to smile the right way to the camera. HAHA.
& Us.
AHHH, I like! (:
Tell me about cam-whores. --
She likes my hair this way.
"So wild, so sexy!" She says. --
& I totally L-O-V-E her.
More stupid pictures of me she took.
I look fuck'd up.

That's all!

& yes, Happy Birthday Fuh Yang Jun!

& th concert's tomorrow. (:

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