Tuesday, July 15, 2008



I've currently got no picture of her, so, sorry.
Maybe singing K with her on Friday.
Of course, going to ask more relatives along, DUH.

I got no picture of her neither. --

Ok, found out stunning news.
But I promised I won't tell. Well, to people who know him, DUH.
& I know so many who don't, so I can! HAHA!
Ok, I'm crazy. TOTALLY.
I'm singing like, everywhere I go. Well, that's nothing new.
School's been a lot more like hell than just plain boring.
Guess what I did today.
We had this break, from 3.15 to 4.30 till our next lesson.
Jey, Teresa and I decided to go to West Mall.
When I got found out that I'm going,
I received a Captain's Order. --
I bought back amounts of food that I myself can't carry.
It was fucking tiring.
Damn, they owe me.
Well, one good thing about today is that Dad fetched me home from school! (:
And Brandon, the idiot who complains about almost everything. --

I totally got pissed off yesterday.
We had class at like, 4, and Wilfrid asked me to meet for lunch at 2.
He, and I, asked Jules, and he was ok with it too.
Who knew, I reached exactly at 2, and non of them were even ON THE TRAIN.
Tell me about fuck'd up. It's more like @#$@%#@^%$!?#!#^%@?#! .
Jules only reached at 3.
Well, he got a big scolding from me, like duh, and he, as usual, showed me attitude too.
HELLOOOOO?!?! Who's in the wrong now!!!!
Well, he got his punishment alright.
He got fined for throwing a cigarette butt on th floor. That's like, so unlucky.
Wilfrid? HA.
He didn't even reach at 3.30!
He was even late for the 4 o'clock lesson. --
Idiot. $#%@$&##%^$&$@#^@?@!#?%$#?@? .
Never mind about that. It's like, so past tense already.

Ate crabs & frog on Sunday for dinner!
Family day rocks. It's the only day I don't have to spend on yummy-s.

Ok, that's all.
Can't wait for Thursday's concert.
Bye Bye. (:

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