Thursday, August 7, 2008


Everything I say, comes to nothing at all.
I'm not blaming you, you insist I am.
I'm not choosing love over friendship, because I'm seriously over him,
but you insist I am.
I didn't want to ruin your life, but you insist that I am.
I'm trying to help you guys, but you insist I'm not.
Ya, you say "why not let him come to you himself? Why must I help him pass the message?"
Because I don't want things to turn ugly, because I know what he can, and will do.
But you insist that I'm helping him, because I want to go against you.
I don't used to hate you, but you yourself make me do.
I don't want to hate you, because I know we used to be best friends.
But you lied.
It may be small, but you did.
So how do I know if you're keeping anything big from me?
You tell me you don't want us to be drifted, then why did you lie?
Small lie, very small, so it makes me feel like, I'm nothing at all.
Whatever I say is wrong, whatever I do, I'm a busy body.
But I make decisions, because I want to help you.
You said I change, so why doesn't other people say so?
I said you change, you insist that I did.
People say, when you're in love, it's as if nobody else exists, but you two.
Of course you don't know, it's you.
When you said I change, I didn't think I did too.
Maybe I did, but ya, I didn't know.

I regret, very, indeed.

Someone, help me.
I'm drowning, into a place, that I don't know of.
I fear.

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